Our side

Our kit

We wear dark shoes, trousers and t-shirts or vests with our star logo, with a tattercoat (usually an old blue shirt with collars and sleeves removed) of navy blue, royal blue and yellow tatters and a woven flax top hat with a band of the same tatters around it; plus any additional decorations we choose! This often includes feathers, badges, flowers, whatever. We also wear bell pads when we are dancing.

We dance using short and long sticks, and occasionally  yellow hankies.

Our dances

We have videos on our YouTube channel, mostly ones we use to learn the dances.

Border tradition  (from the England/ Wales border area) - 

Adderbury tradition - 

Other traditions - 

Our musicians

Maggie - fiddle

Greg - drums

Rachel - tambourine

Andrew - melodion

Peter - accordion

Mel - accordion

Our officers

Andrew - the squire and stickman, 

Nick - website, Border foreman

Jan - bag person

Janine's woven flax hat, with decorations (above) and Nick with feathers (below).